Tech. III
High Line Rescue/Progressive Rescue
Technician III
is a 40- hour course that updates the graduates of High
Line Rescue Technician I and II while adding more
advanced techniques.  In this course, we take the
knowledge the students have learned in previous courses
and put it to the test.  The objective is to give the students
as many different types of problems as possible and have
them work through a solution. Time permitting the
problems will include high angle, low angle, confined
space, below grade, knot passing and high lines.  
Prerequisite for this class is High Line Rescue or
Progressive Rescue Technician II or I/II.  $5
25.00.  Please
call for out of state rates.

Students will need to bring their own helmet, boots, gloves,
and headlamps.  You should also bring any other personal
gear that you already have, such as your rescue harness.  
HLR will provide all of the equipment that will be used.  
Optional: Goggles (or some form of eye protection) knee
pads, thermos for water, etc.

Students will be responsible for their own lodging and
meals.  Upon receipt of your completed registration form
and payment, a list of motels and a map of the local area
will be forwarded to you along with your confirmation letter.


For contact information please