Safety & Rescue Resources LLC
Standby Services
Services Available:
  • Confined Space Standby Rescue
  • Fall Protection Standby Rescue
  • Fall Protection Safety Rigging

Safety & Rescue Resources, LLC is
committed to providing professional
standby services that will allow you to
complete your project  in a timely manner
without the safety concerns that often
accompany certain jobs.  We will assure
that you meet all applicable OSHA and ANSI
standards.  Whether your needs involve
confined space entry, or fall protection, we
have the training to keep you safe no
matter how large the job.  Our personnel
are all extensively trained career
firefighters and rescue personnel.  Most of
our rescue technicians are members of
regional and state level Technical Rescue
Teams, many of them having taken part in
National Level Rescue Exercises.  
All members of SSR, LLC received their
rescue training from the nationally and
internationally recognized instructors of
Progressive Rescue Solutions, Inc., and
High Line Rescue.  Their training meets or
exceeds all OSHA, NFPA, and ANSI
standards. They take part in regular
training sessions and also have
experience in performing actual rescues in
real emergency situations.  The leadership
alone has over  58 years of experience in
technical rescue.  
   We look forward to having the
opportunity to assist you with your safety
and rescue needs.  Should you have any
questions please feel free to call us at any