HLR Anchoring I
Anchoring Course Description

HLR Anchoring I:  is a 16-hour (2 day) course covering different types of anchoring techniques with hands-on anchoring
scenarios.  Instruction will cover BFR’s, multipoint, load distributing, tensionless hitches, wrap and pull, pre-tensioned tie
backs, as well as, change of directions and correct placement and securing of edge protection.  Multiple sites will be used.  
This course begins with a brief lecture, and then proceeds to the field where multiple anchoring scenarios will be conducted
and students will construct the correct anchor. NOTE:  No rescues will be performed, as the entire course will be devoted to
safe and efficient anchoring.  Prerequisite: Background in Rope Rescue.   But we highly recommended HLR or PRS I/II.  
$225.00.  Please call for out of state class rates.

Students will need to bring their own helmet, boots, gloves, and headlamps.  You should also bring any other personal gear
that you already have, such as your rescue harness.  HLR will provide all of the equipment that will be used.  Optional:
Goggles (or some form of eye protection) knee pads, thermos for water, etc.

Students will be responsible for their own lodging and meals.  Upon receipt of your completed registration form and payment,
a list of motels and a map of the local area will be forwarded to you along with your confirmation letter.


For contact information please